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Liea Elodie
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

:iconasdfghbeeplz::iconredsparklesplz: ASK ARE OPEN :iconredsparklesplz::iconasdfghbeeplz:

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Name: Liea Elodie
Age: 17
height: 5'2 ft
Weight: 108 lbs
Hair: Cool Gray with a hint of blue ( due to mutations )
Eyes: i guess it like a lighter shade of...passionfruit (the color )
Race/ Species : Norwegian, Elf
Sexuality: I'll love anyone~
Relationship: ----------------
Lilith (Mom) - Dead (not confirmed yet)
Litr (Dad) - Dead (not confirmed yet )
Kiwi (Daughter by blood) - Alive
JoJo (son ) - Alive //:iconaskjojodebadassery: //
Cherry Cat (Pet/ Guardian ) : Alive
Traxx ( BFF / like a sister/ ) :...Alive? ( it will be explained later )
Current Home: forest
Likes: Fighting, Magic, Baking,Being comfortable, just hanging out.
Hates: Rude,annoying, insensitive people, Being sad /a lot of things make her sad /
Personality: why don't you find out~
Occupation: Adventurer!
Quirks: her Cowlick moves, She doesn't like mirrors, she has a lot of nightmares (but their a little less frequent now). is really stupid =-=

HAHAHA! HELLO PEOPLE~ i am Liea Elodie! I am a forest elf who works with a lot of magic and gardening. i have a daughter and i also have my awesome Kitty and my wonderful Best Friend, Traxx
So feel free to ask me questions and accompany me on my trips~
:iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz:

Age: 16
Height: 5'2
Weight: 108
Hair: brunnet
Eyes: Blue ( default/ normal )
Species: Android
Sexuality: Bi
Relationship: N/A
Family/ friends:
Mother: disowned her
Father: forced to disown her
Liea: like her sister
Occupation: Princess
Current Location: her mother's castle
Personality: she hates describing herself ( can be a real debby downer you know )
Likes: Rev., mechanics, stars, talking to her dad, hanging out with Liea
Dislikes: being Embarrassed, talking about her mom or Sai, her low self confidence.
Quirks: she loves musicals. her motors and eyes change colors according to her emotion.
Traxx:.....umm....hi? i don't really know why i'm here but...uh.....ask and stuff......?

Friends: :iconask-prince-snowflake: :iconrgsnowbellz: :iconask-demonprince: :iconaskprincesschocolate::iconfluffygarbage:
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Ask Open for:
Cherry Cat
:iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: :iconheartsdividerplz: 

AN: ...well...i fucked up on the name :iconyayukraineplz: but do not worry because i will accept questions and request for that matter.
Also, people really let's not be starting any shit on the page. we come here to be friendly, not haters. come on, don't be mean.

i'm always on :iconskypeplz: UwU
Sorry Late Reply by Mirz123 Thanks So Much Sign by Mirz123 Glad You Like It Sign - Nano1 by Mirz123
so i came on here to tell you guys that Liea and Kiwi will be moving over to my main account :iconimagination-theory:
so umm
go there
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Liqu@
  • Reading: Saint young men (manga)
  • Watching: Saint young men (movie)
  • Playing: turbo
  • Eating: pasta~!
  • Drinking: sake

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